Rise Above The Ashes / Towers

by Nick seman

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released December 20, 2012

all songs and lyrics written by nick seman

performed, recorded, and produced by nick seman
from january-february 2012
at stylefire studios in richfield, ohio

mastered by nick seman
at stylefire athens in athens, ohio
in december 2012

cover photo by delphine gamin

(cc) 2012 nick seman
distributed by stylefire records (stf-007)




Nick seman Ventura, California

all I hear is 60hz mains hum

robot / floods
ohio / usa

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Track Name: Rise Above The Ashes
you don't know where you've been
you don't know where you're going
you try to speed around but
end up at the same red light

at work you're trapped in a cage
at home you're trapped in your bed
just wondering where the hell your life has gone
you've had it before

you are just trying to find direction
in a world that's only round
a place above is your perception
so please don't ever go back down

you try to sleep but your brain
is washed with white just the same
as the blank cubicle walls
where you spend your endless days

they say work hard and you'll see
success and maybe you'll be
the one on top smoking cigars
and calling all of the shots

and as you blurt out your confession
to the world that's all around
you start to rise above the ashes
and know you'll never go back down

and at the end of your procession
the world will sing your name around
what you've done's all our possession

our lives are green they once were brown
your dream keeps our world spinning round
I know you'll never go back down
no please don't ever go back down
Track Name: Towers
there's nothing going on here
bags are packed, you're headed south
an empty mind is great for holding pain

a greener place to call a home
there's nothing quite the same
starting fresh from taking all the blame

it's cold outside but the mountain air
can free your frozen lungs
the stars at night illuminate the dream:

to just escape the current that wants to
pull you down the drain
but the plants can't grow without a little rain

a man in black can track you down
and offer you the world
even though the mountains are a home

good old Kentucky keeps you warm
and safe and sound
the rivers and the sky in Kodachrome

but something about his drilling stare
can cut into your mind
he can see where your weaknesses lie

he knows that you need money
and someone to yell your name
and in the limousine, your home flies by

while men in suits stare down on you
their heads up in the clouds

the air is thin and the light is dim
and they won't hear the sounds
of the workers singing "bring it down,
the tower's too high up"

but no one can get their towers high enough!

no one is around to call it off!

trees are falling, children scream as their
homeland turns to rust
and they just can't get the towers high enough!