The Gusty Gale

by Nick seman

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released September 6, 2011

all songs and lyrics written by nick seman

performed, recorded, and produced by nick seman
in summer 2011 at stylefire studios in richfield, ohio

mastered by nick seman
at stylefire athens in athens, ohio
and on a bus crossing southeastern ohio
in october 2012

photos by delphine gamin

(cc) 2011-2012 nick seman
distributed by stylefire records (stf-003)




Nick seman Ventura, California

all I hear is 60hz mains hum

robot / floods
ohio / usa

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Track Name: To Dust
Is turned to dust by the wind
And even as you’re born out from the ashes
The wind will turn you back to dust again
Track Name: Colorful Heart
I've got a colorful heart
And if it breaks
I can't make a new start

This is a colorful world
But when it ends
It can't break my heart

And the clouds turn gray when I drive to work
And I hate it there ‘cause I'm tired of gray
I'm wasting my time but the worst part is that
Sometimes I'm okay with it

Don't wanna waste my time
Doing things
That don't matter to me

I'm sick and tired of thinking
That it's all gone
So I'm gonna change the world

And the businessman runs when he sees me coming
With a document signed that'll raise my pay
I'm tired of being a worthless cog on the gears
I don't wanna be okay with it
I'm not okay with it anymore

And our governor runs when he sees us coming
A petition signed that'll even the score
We're tired of being overrun and abused
This is not the last time
It won't be the last time anymore!

You've got a colorful heart
So let it out!
Track Name: Always Almost There
Good morning world
And all who inhabit it
You miserable misleading scum

I can feel your anger radiating
It's gonna be a beautiful day

Don't let them get you down
Don't let yourself get you down
It's only a matter of time

Just a bit farther
I can see the light
Happiness is coming soon

I'm so sorry
You deserve to be treated
Like a human or at least like family

You might not have them
And you might not have you
But I swear to all the heavens
You have me

Please stop crying
I just want to help the pain

Beautiful days aren't always sunny
And sunshine's never worked for me

I think you're just like me
Just wait a while till you see

The wind will blow away the ashes
Of your fears and dreams
Then you're left out in the sunshine
And you're free
Track Name: We Drop Bombs
I don't wanna cause any trouble
Everything you said is wrong

Prison calls for the people
Who say things right

I can't look at the man
Who put me here
He was wrong all along

Colors in the sky are just fog
From the cars that drive along

Pay for something you can make yourself
Pay for something you can't live without

I don't wanna cause any trouble
But I'm the only one who's right

Prison calls for you
You criminal

To protect what's wrong
We drop bombs

I'll do what I want
Please don't shoot

Nuclear waste and carbon monoxide

To protect what's wrong
We drop bombs
Track Name: Everyone
The bears are just like a family
Their comfort and warmth is what I deserve to be
They give me new life in the clear flowing waters
The air was cold but the gales were colder

The river that runs through the crooked mountains and the fake sun
Shows me what I've been missing along with everyone

The birds are just like a version of me
They fly and they sing just like I'm supposed to be
But they push me away and I fall through the sky
As I crash on the ground of the land that's a lie

The river that runs through the blurry forest and the setting sun
Shows me that I'm alone here along with everyone

The bears are just like a family
Summoning warmth and love for me
Don't wanna stay here but I can never go home
To a freezing cold town where I'll be alone

I feel so tired now
But I can't fall asleep anymore
I'm hoping the patterns in clouds
And the stars can show me what this is all for

Show me that I’m alone here
Along with everyone
Track Name: Come Back To Me
I cried with you as I drove home in my car
I know how you felt
I know all about it, I know all about you
And I don't want you hurt

It's hard sometimes to be enlightened
With no one else around
To love you and to comfort you, in darkness, cheer you on
Keep on going toward the light

They don't know you and they don't love you like I do
No one else is there for you
The wind blows hard but it can't set you free
So when you're lost, you can always come back to me

Cheer up baby; oh I know it's hard
And you wanna be alone
I can try to fix it; I can try to help you
‘Cause I've done it before

People won't understand us
Just ‘cause we know what's going on
But baby don't feel bad for them, you're the one who sees the sun
And it's warm and burning bright

All alone with the moonlight beating down
There's no decency left in this failing town
And just as they try to tear it all apart
Our souls take the place of our hearts
Track Name: People
People with more money than me
Cut in line at the store
Ask for a table that isn't
Too close to the door
To the kitchen where regular people
Are working

I grew up in a town
Where love was not enough
And when these people were faced
With questions that were tough
They would buy their way back out

People with less money than me
Carry signs on their backs
Only subjecting themselves
To the staring attacks
Of the luckier people in new cars
As they drive on by

Some kids grow up in a town
Where there's not enough of anything
And they have to hide at home
When the school bells start to ring
And the kids are never taught to sing

People with any money at all
Take for granted the world
And they never step back when their
Lives start to swirl
Into the shallow pit where no one comes out

So no one ever comes out
To smell the morning air
And everybody wonders why
Their lives are cold and bare
But the kids all love the morning air
The kids are warm and fair

And no one ever comes out
To feel the air at night
And no one ever sees the stars
When they're clear and burning bright
But if they would, it'd be alright
Everything would be alright
Track Name: The Gusty Gale
The tide recedes but the waves are still crashing
The storm's gone but the wind's still blowing
And I'm left tired and sore and I just want to go home

Probably let down more than a few people
Swimming in the darkness at the bottom of a deep hole
That is life and the wind blows overhead and makes a
Sound that is hollow and alone

I just wanna sleep in my own bed tonight
And I wanna meet the man who turned out the light
On what my life should've been and when I see the man
I'll see my own tired face

Now that the smoke has cleared and the sun is out of sight
I'm left here crying thinking about the shape of my life
And I'm left dizzy and confused and I just wanna see you

Please if you can
Come back soon so I can talk to you again!
Don't leave me in the rain quiet all alone
Defeated and trapped down as the gusty gale blows

1am and I'm left speechless on the phone
Out in the sleet rain and I'm frozen to the bone
The moon has gone with the stars and the trees begin to groan

Please, if you're around
Don't be the one who turns my world upside down!
My heart drops more and more and the pain begins to grow
Defeated and trapped down as the gusty gale blows
Track Name: Angel
You wake up each day with the sun in its place
But you hope to find it where it burned out last night
It always comes up on the opposite side
And you cry all the days for the sun out in space

You sit across from the girl you love so much
But the girl that you love doesn't know you at all
So you sit and cry about the sun in the sky
And you wish were blessed by her gentle touch

All the kids say she's an angel
And that's what she thinks of herself
But you need a girl who's not so self-absorbed
Come in the room and she'll be your best friend
True love will find you in the end

Out over the sea and on the wings of the wind
Comes the crying of love to your conscious again
And you sigh and you think that there is nothing at all
And the crashing of waves drowns out the beautiful call

And everyone wants a girl that's an angel
At least that's what they say to themselves
But we just need a girl who's got a pretty heart
When the sun comes up you'll see she's not the one
True love is not a smoking gun

I know you think you've got it
All worked out
But kid
I was a kid once too!
And you've got a lot to learn

When the sun comes up it's still dark in the west
But you wanted to see it where it burned out last night
But it's out of your place to try and change what's best
For your heart cause sometimes your head is right

When the people say she's an angel
They’re telling you right to your face
But hear what they say when they're behind closed doors
This love was short but your life is long
True love is not an easy song
To sing
Track Name: Tilting At Windmills
All my friends have gone crazy
They’re not the ones I thought they could be
And I feel like they shame me
Into being someone I don't want to be

These days I feel cold and lonely
And the frigid wind freezes my skin
Alone I walk through the valley
With only rushing waters in my head
And torn up shoes are filled with lead

I wanna leave this place
Go someplace where no one will know my face
Left behind and now I'm losing the race

But I'm not gonna change my ways
I'm not gonna change my ways
Nothing lasts forever these days

But I don't wanna change my ways!
Track Name: Star Song
I was feeling overwhelmed and overused
When a bluebird told me I don't have to
Do everything there is to do

I was feeling beat down slow and truly blue
But life is what it wants to be
Not what other people say to you

In this world we all are shining stars
No one can tell us how to live
In the world we all shine bright and far
It's your life so live it like a star!