We Are Not Losers

by Nick seman

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this album is for all of us. it's about how no one is perfect. it's about forgiveness. it's about how people can hurt you, and how you can keep together through the pain. it's about hate and evil, and how no one really hates, and how no one is really evil. it's about differences, and how those differences are what should be celebrated, not feared. most of all, this album, like so many others, is about love. how it's found everywhere in such unexpected places. how it is becoming the dominant force in our culture with our growing informed generations. and how it keeps us all together through so much pain and suffering.


released February 5, 2013

all songs and lyrics written by nick seman

performed, recorded, and produced by nick seman
from august 2012 to january 2013
at stylefire studios in richfield, ohio
and at stylefire athens in athens, ohio

mastered by nick seman
at stylefire athens in athens, ohio

cover photo by delphine gamin

(cc) 2013 nick seman
distributed by stylefire records (stf-008)




Nick seman Ventura, California

all I hear is 60hz mains hum

robot / floods
ohio / usa

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Track Name: Fairview Park
when you're young it takes so long to hit you
that there's no tomorrow
but it takes so much longer still
to find that there's no yesterday
who would believe when people tell you
don't waste these precious hours
but if you still have hours to spend there
the point is to waste them away
why would you think that a child
is young and naive and wrong
when it's you that's really wasting a life
will you ever feel young inside?
Track Name: I Am Back To Save The Universe
I'm not much for having good times
endless writing off my past
I don't wanna see the nighttime
scrambled lost and out of peace of mind
all these people getting high
to see what they get out of life
all these people throwing back that
poison water just to lose their fight
you're not right and I'm not wrong
but I just wish we could get along
I can't shake the feeling that someone has sent me here
to save it all
but I'm not friends with jesus or his dad
and I don't know the cops
so who then organized this massive pain
the world has put me in
nighttime has this connotation
of harboring evil in our minds
people take the time of darkness
to sleep away the dreaming and the shine
all the stars you see are dead
but living ones are out of sight
so I look up and see the moonlight
and make up constellations in the night
Track Name: How Dare You?
something boils inside of you
a feeling you can't contain
but you know it's not entirely your thoughts
that pulse and devour your brain
it's not that you needed to hate
or wanted to hurt your friends
but the way you were taught was destructive
and that way will be wrong in the end
in fact it's already wrong
you've always been wrong
just succumb to the fact
you're not under attack
it's been this way all along
doesn't matter who said
those people all should be dead
you're messed up in the head
and we're all ahead
now it's time to catch up
first of all, how dare you
act the way you do
contorted thoughts of a distant past
brought up in a solemn blue
business models and strategies
gang signs and fascist songs
taking what you've been taught to the masses
to sell what you know is wrong
yeah your hatred is wrong
just forget your past
grow up and join the rest of us
you better go and change fast
or you'll find ways to hate yourself
your blindness and ignorance
can never get us anywhere
so just stay home and rant to the ceilings
instead of polluting our air
with what you know is wrong
Track Name: Pico Mundo
none of us can see beyond
the foggy shroud of life
but all of us have the same amount of light
provided by a burning sphere
suspended in the air
so what compels our universe to care?
the dead don't talk I don't know why
their silence causes us to cry
but they have just moved on and broken ties
with the sinews that restrain their souls
to a selfish container that gets old
and when their time has come they are set free
all of us are different
and some are just confused
don't listen when they say you need to choose
none of us are evil or
sent here by evil means
and none of us are wrong or even right
I don't believe in coincidences
or putting up white picket fences
I think that all of us have what it takes
to throw away our differences
and forget about the consequences
remember that acceptance is what it takes
Track Name: Stockholm Syndrome
trapped in your body
where did I go wrong
how has it come down to this?
late last december
you took me in with comfort
and with hostility
I was lucky
you were ready
to save me
please don't worry
cause now I'm happy
snow falling softly
I told you I would never let you
destroy the truth
but september coming
it's time to let it go and
release me
someone told me
I was crazy
for staying
but now
it's all over
and now I'm going alone
pick up the pieces that are left of me
I didn't love you
I was just forced to
I still remember who I am
but you don't have that luxury
and I'm sorry
Track Name: Trash Cans
everything is ours
nothing's really owned
no one's really gone
we're just worn to the bone
space filled up with ads
for nothing that we need
trained to all believe
we will all succeed
at living in a brick house
with a tree lawn by the concrete
that isn't even yours
or even for the trees
it's just a place for trash cans
so they can haul away your waste
but it doesn't take away the pain
why can't they take away my pain?
working forty hours
doing taxes for the company
that doesn't pay up anyway
you just hoped that one day
you'd be singing in a punk band
touring round the country
but you're stuck here in the city
just to keep you breathing
and living in a brick house
with a tree lawn by the concrete
that isn't on your property
and doesn't grow a single tree
it's just a place for trash cans
so they can haul away your waste
but it can't change the look on your face
why can't they take the blank stare off my face?
Track Name: Umbrella
brother where have you gone
I swear that
I saw you
I know that times are hard
I am lost without a friend
that sees in
to every
heart when night has fallen
I wish I could take away the pain
you won't stay dry when you
stand out in the rain
I know that you can't come back
but that won't
stop me from
trying to talk with you
brother know that I love you
I never
could tell you
and now you've gone too soon
I wish I could drown us in the rain
we stand outside and try to
wash our pain
Track Name: The News
kids watch cartoons and adults watch the news
the news gives recognition to a kid who's just confused
alone in his own head
can't sleep while he's in bed
and no one hears him while he shouts for help
he just needs someone to show him a safe way out
with no solution save the one presented times before
his name and being on every screen inside every tv store
and what's to fear of death
when the anchor's shaking breath
says his name across the screen of endless pain
and to sell the story they'll tell it every day
no one would know because he knows no one
nobody misses him after all of this is done
unspeakable and vile
he knows he'll live his life
in the minds of all the people that he changed
as the murderer but better than nothing
so with the news and bullets used the killer takes the stage
the power in his mind and hands to take their lives away
and turn them in to his
an infinite existence
and all the fame and notoriety
guaranteed to him on this world as he leaves
Track Name: To Hell And Back
it's been years since you've given it time
but now you're looking back and you're getting in line
long ago you were casting away
all the love and the life that you hold onto today
I was trapped and you were lost and confused
as I wept and you searched for who you thought was you
looking back I can't see how I made it
it's not a curse it's a blessing and I know we were fated to be
with me
to bail the water and to bring us oxygen we need to breathe
to hell and back is our only chance it's what we need so come with me
I'm sorry that I tried to save you too soon
but the thought of you sinking was too much to come to
all this time I was dying away
but now that you've seen it we'll go on from today
it's like our worlds were on a sinking boat
when only cold salty water would keep us afloat
out on the sea we still have cloudy days
but we sail on northbound and keep the storms at bay
to bail the water and to bring us oxygen that we need to breathe
to hell and back is our only chance it's what we need so come with me
Track Name: Athens
I've tried so hard not to live my life
I've tried so hard not to try at all
all my friends think I'm shy and I am
but that's not why I'm so quiet all the time
no I don't see when I'm lost
or when I'm missing out on loving this
I can't tell who is worse than me and recently I've been
thinking that it's nobody
and all of you are the same as me
inside none of us are really losers
I've seen you all hit the bottom
I've seen the worst inside
they might think I'm missing out or staying
safely out of their way and that's exactly where I am
no I don't see when I'm lost
or when I'm missing out on loving this
I can't tell who is worse than me and recently I've been
thinking that it's nobody
and all of you are the same as me
inside I know that we are not losers
I can't stay here I've gotta be somewhere
somewhere far away from this
where I'll try so hard not to live my life
I'll try so hard not to try at all