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You wake up each day with the sun in its place
But you hope to find it where it burned out last night
It always comes up on the opposite side
And you cry all the days for the sun out in space

You sit across from the girl you love so much
But the girl that you love doesn't know you at all
So you sit and cry about the sun in the sky
And you wish were blessed by her gentle touch

All the kids say she's an angel
And that's what she thinks of herself
But you need a girl who's not so self-absorbed
Come in the room and she'll be your best friend
True love will find you in the end

Out over the sea and on the wings of the wind
Comes the crying of love to your conscious again
And you sigh and you think that there is nothing at all
And the crashing of waves drowns out the beautiful call

And everyone wants a girl that's an angel
At least that's what they say to themselves
But we just need a girl who's got a pretty heart
When the sun comes up you'll see she's not the one
True love is not a smoking gun

I know you think you've got it
All worked out
But kid
I was a kid once too!
And you've got a lot to learn

When the sun comes up it's still dark in the west
But you wanted to see it where it burned out last night
But it's out of your place to try and change what's best
For your heart cause sometimes your head is right

When the people say she's an angel
They’re telling you right to your face
But hear what they say when they're behind closed doors
This love was short but your life is long
True love is not an easy song
To sing


from The Gusty Gale, released September 6, 2011




Nick seman Ventura, California

all I hear is 60hz mains hum

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