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you laid your head on my and fell asleep
in love with someone else
summertime two-thousand-nine
you didn’t make anything of it
but I went crazy in my mind
it’s really happening this time

but looking back you could’ve rested your head on the dash
and you wouldn’t be in love with that
so I shrugged love off it was teasing me so frequently
but my heart wanted something back

I see pictures you’re out in a dress
I can’t shake the image
slap myself on the hand
cause I know this love is fake
but all my memories can’t be erased
but I’ll try the best I can

there was a time I thought love was always in a straight line
but that seems to be untrue
I wish I knew how you felt cause I think I’m feeling it too
there’s a wall around you

I hate this!
every day I see your face so bright
well I think I’ve had enough of you tonight
there’s nothing to this!
hollow love for just a pretty girl
and she is meaningless to me
yeah she has always been this meaningless to me!

luckily for me you didn’t stick around too long
my heart was granted peace of mind
and I sat around in hopes a better girl was yet to come around
and she will
cause love just takes good time


from The Stormy Sea, released February 15, 2011




Nick seman Ventura, California

all I hear is 60hz mains hum

robot / floods
ohio / usa

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