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People with more money than me
Cut in line at the store
Ask for a table that isn't
Too close to the door
To the kitchen where regular people
Are working

I grew up in a town
Where love was not enough
And when these people were faced
With questions that were tough
They would buy their way back out

People with less money than me
Carry signs on their backs
Only subjecting themselves
To the staring attacks
Of the luckier people in new cars
As they drive on by

Some kids grow up in a town
Where there's not enough of anything
And they have to hide at home
When the school bells start to ring
And the kids are never taught to sing

People with any money at all
Take for granted the world
And they never step back when their
Lives start to swirl
Into the shallow pit where no one comes out

So no one ever comes out
To smell the morning air
And everybody wonders why
Their lives are cold and bare
But the kids all love the morning air
The kids are warm and fair

And no one ever comes out
To feel the air at night
And no one ever sees the stars
When they're clear and burning bright
But if they would, it'd be alright
Everything would be alright


from The Gusty Gale, released September 6, 2011




Nick seman Ventura, California

all I hear is 60hz mains hum

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ohio / usa

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