The News

from by Nick seman

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kids watch cartoons and adults watch the news
the news gives recognition to a kid who's just confused
alone in his own head
can't sleep while he's in bed
and no one hears him while he shouts for help
he just needs someone to show him a safe way out
with no solution save the one presented times before
his name and being on every screen inside every tv store
and what's to fear of death
when the anchor's shaking breath
says his name across the screen of endless pain
and to sell the story they'll tell it every day
no one would know because he knows no one
nobody misses him after all of this is done
unspeakable and vile
he knows he'll live his life
in the minds of all the people that he changed
as the murderer but better than nothing
so with the news and bullets used the killer takes the stage
the power in his mind and hands to take their lives away
and turn them in to his
an infinite existence
and all the fame and notoriety
guaranteed to him on this world as he leaves


from We Are Not Losers, released February 5, 2013




Nick seman Ventura, California

all I hear is 60hz mains hum

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ohio / usa

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